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        Free Radical News

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        Petition tools: amending the Criminal Code hate propaganda law to extend protection to girls and women

        Media violence delegation meets with Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley

        News release: Liberals must demand amendment to Bill C-31 to update hate propaganda law

        News release: Liberals must honour election promise to amend hate propaganda law to protect women

        News release: Liberals promise to include women in Criminal Code hate propaganda law

        Fact sheet: Exclusion of women from Canada's hate propaganda law - Updated January 2010

        Fact sheet: Violent crime in Canada

        Violence in the Media Coalition

        We haven't come a long way, baby: exclusion of women from Canada's Criminal Code hate propaganda law

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      5. Hunter & Shaye designer children's clothing
      6. Media violence information and strategies

        About The Free Radical:  This site, based in Toronto, Canada, is operated by anti-violence activist, Valerie Smith.  It provides information on various aspects of the media violence problem -- with a particular emphasis on the mistreatment of girls and women in popular culture -- and suggestions for trying to combat it. Click here for background and activist highlights.

        This site has been created for people wishing to get involved. A good place for Canadians to start is with the Action Agenda: A Strategic Blueprint for Reducing Exposure to Media Violence in Canada, available for free download on this, and other sites.โปร โม ชั่ น. w88slot Funded and published by Ontario's Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), an agency of the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Action Agenda (which I wrote) is a compendium of crucial information on the issue, along with 42 recommendations for change.  The OVC authorizes reproduction and distribution of the Action Agenda  for research and education purposes. 

        The report was published in 2004 and there have, obviously, been some changes since then, but if you're new to the issue, reading it will save you a lot of time and effort.

        Other than that, there is a hodgepodge of information on various aspects of the entertainment industry -- articles, research documents, links to web sites. Hope you find it useful.

        Valerie Smith, Toronto, Ontario

        Site last updated March 27, 2021